Keenora Fluffball – Fluffy, Furry and Friendly

Woofs :3

I am Keenora but you can call me Kee. I am a purple blue Wolf from Germany.

I could cuddle you so much now, because you've hit my website! I hope you're going to have a look around :3


If you've got a Facebook account, you can follow me there.

I am posting photos and videos mostly there! There are also Events which I am publishing there, so you know where to find me :)


If there is something new, you going to find it on Twitter. You can also send me private messages there whenever you want.

I am really happy, if you're going to post some photos, we've done together!


I am always using music of various artists in my videos. On LastFM you are able to find the music I am listening right now! And of course all the songs I am using for my videos.

Public Media

Sometimes you will find me in the public media, like newspapers or even on TV. I bet that's because I am so fluffy!

I always try to show all the people, what my friends and me are doing. Even more, if the people which are in those reports are getting cheered up or even the reporter getting sparkly eyes.

It is very important for me, that all the people are getting the correct and right view on this. That's why I am happy to participate on all the reports!

If you've got any questions, you can get in contact with me. I think we are going to make something big together!


I always try to do something for everyone. Just because it's very important to give something back and giving more than you take. I am not talking about money, because money is not important for a wolf anyway :) I just want to help whereever I can!

These are some Organisations which were already supported by my friends and me:

Of course we are going to help you as well!


I just LOVE it to do extreme things. If it's Bungee Jumping, Paragliding, House-Running, Skydiving, Base-Flying or Aerobatics, doesn't really matter.

It's just so much fun to feel the adrenaline while doing something crazy. Most of the times I am doing videos of it, well at least, when there is some good raw material :)

You've got an idea of what I could do in the future? Just get in contact with me!

It'd be great to do something amazing together! Maybe even together!