VLOGs – Keenora Fluffball



What are Vlogs?

Since a few years I am creating so called Vlogs, Video-Logs, of conventions, events or just for fun. I am trying to give those viewers, who haven’t experienced a convention yet or just can’t go there for any reason, a chance to see what’s actually going on at a con. I am always trying to give the best view I can create of a con. Though, it’s kinda difficult due to the fact, that it takes a lot of time to record and cut those videos. And on the other paw I also want to enjoy the conventions myself 🙂 I guess, I do a good job for that goal, though.

Why don’t you create those Vlogs on a weekly/monthly base?

Well, at first, there aren’t conventions around like weekly or monthly based. And of course you shouldn’t forget, that I cannot visit like all the dozens of cons, hundred of events and so on. There are just too many possibilities. As for the fact, that these videos consume a lot of free time, it’s also difficult to make videos of all events and cons I am attending.

I mean, just think about it, that you gonna be in your vacation and hold a camera ALL the time! As a matter of fact, you can only use about 10% of the material you are recording. And now think of the time you need to create videos like I do 😉

What are you using for your Vlogs?

I am often recording in the selfie mode, so you are “closer” to the actual event. I am using a GoPro HERO 4 Black Edition for that. My GoPro has a purple and blue case, of course ^^ At conventions I also sometimes use my Panasonic GH4, sometimes even with a steady cam (GLidecam HD-2000). But I try to avoid it. I’ve got a steady paw, though 🙂

The cutting process is done in Adobe After Effects and Magix Video X Pro.

Waow! Who did those cool animations?

The animations has been created by Drgnalexia. He is a great artist from Singapore and creates stunning animations. The music in the background is composed by Rob Gasser, a electronic music DJ from Switzerland. He produced two really good songs so far 🙂

And here you can find my Vlogs: